Welcome to PAT Testing Leicester, your expert local service.PAT Testing Leicester

My name is Richard Jackson and I am the proprietor of PAT Testing Leicester.

I have been PAT testing and training testers from the early days about 20 years altogether, and I enjoy it very much. I know it does not do it for everyone, but I have always enjoyed the challenge of sifting through hundreds of electrical items to find the ones which are potentially hazardous.

I set up the company after being made redundant from Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Loughborough almost 7 years ago.

I worked at AZ as a PAT testing supervisor in charge of a team of testers working through hundreds of thousands of tests per year on their research and development site.


My wife Barbara is my backstop and she covers all the admin and reports for PAT Testing Leicester.

We are family run business and we provide a service which we and our clients consider 100% fit for purpose.

Companies such as AMEY, Landau Forte, Volt Europe and many others agree as well and we test for them year after year.

The testing is thorough and complete and if you look at our tariff page I think you will agree very competitive as well. We provide a full written report for all our clients.

Please read our other pages to see the service we provide or please call us on 07757 034879 you can email us direct at richardjackson11@msn.com or via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here at PAT Testing Leicester we believe that the needs of our clients come first. We offer an extremely flexible service and can arrange to arrive at the time of your choice. Our work is very discreet and we hold full accreditations for all relevant bodies. These can be found on our ‘Certificates’ page.